I need new ways to torture all my bitches
Peel off their skin or cover them in stitches
Sometimes they bleed sometime they spit
Sometimes I feed on their half decayed clit
I've scraped out their guts through their torn open cunt

It's so much fun to make them bleed
But I have new ways to kill them indeed
An electric rod that spwes ten thousand volts
Up her ass I pund it, her cunt implodes
Surging through her sliced open veins
Smoke emits from her boiling brain
Currents flow through her bubbling mass
Sparks and blood shoot from out her ass

Tears are building in my eyes from the stink of your burnt fluid
You hair is singed: your flesh is black, your form reduced to ruin
I pull your crispy outer skin to reveal your bloody tissue
I chomp the chips of harden flesh and lust at your dead sinew

A strange idea has taken over
I'll remove your blistered outer cover
Caress your skinless, dripping body
A burning feeling builds inside me
With staggering force I go inside it
The slims warmth with make my nut spit
I pound her slit 'til I feel it cumming
My eyes roll back the pleasure is numbing

I ride your toasted dripping carcass
With infinite hate I beat your face in
The third hit causes you nose to cave in
Oh my god, she's breathing
What will I do with this toasted hog bitch
Thought she was dead, but I feel her heat beat
A thrifty idea I have excites me
Where is my hacksaw

You feel the bite
Saw through your horribly burnt open flesh
I'll cut off your limbs till you are dead
When you are really deceased
Again I will get my cock wet

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