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Crimson Gale

Diabulus in Musica

It's the fire in your eyes
You are the light of love alive
The heat that warms their lives
The wall against all danger you are

Protected by your sense
And never willing to bow your head
You had to make your way
Fight for yourself without regret

Show your pride never hide
Don't disgrace your precious gift
Show your pride never hide
You are much more than you can see

She defied their beliefs
Uncovering wounds to heal her own fears
She learnt to grow alone
She raised her voice and broke her old roles

She taught us to survive
She blazed our path in hostile lands
She freed our power within
To believe we will always win

Nobody will turn our thoughts away
Blow all prejudice with your fiercest wind
Thought it was not an easy way
Alis volat propiis

United we stand
United we can
Together on course it's all ours to take
We're ready to defend
All chances that await
They can't rob us of the rights we cherish

You won't see us cry
Our hope will never die
We lost a battle but we'll win the war