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Do You Take This Man?

Diamanda Galas

I'm very disappointed in you
and I don't handle disappointment well
I'd like to say I could forgive you
But I can never forgive; just forget
Now it would take me ten long years to forget,
That's 12 months of the year
four weeks of the month
and seven days a week
Well that's a very tall order, I got to say--
I don't have that much time to FORGET
That's a whole lot of hard and lonely time
When we could be together
Husband with this knife
I do you adore
I take you out of ths world baby
with a lot of feeling
and with this feeling I do bestow upon you
all my wordly gifts
Honey wasn't it beautiful
the lovely time we spent together
I will never forget you
Long as I live
"Do you take this man"
Husband, with this blade
I do you hold
I'll take what's mine
and let the future
keep the rest
Baby, I take you from this world
to my place
to a place of feeling
where I can love you
and we can be together
God I'm so grateful to be real with you baby
Lies are for a longer life
and I have got so much to say
Shut up!!!
Shut up!!!
Don't cry baby
I'm feeling better all the time--I don't
want to be angry, ok? I'm trying not
to do that, ok?
God I'm so disappointed in you!
Remember that drive
we talked about the wild thing
for 24 hours-7
while the dogs and the coyotes laughed
and the sun went up and down
and your rod went in and out
and the buzzards and the vultures howled:
"Do you take this man?"
It was summer
It was hot
and you loved me so much
you said "Mama may I take your hand
May I please, mama?"
Come on.
I'm all you need. Be sweet--seriously you know
I need to get in touch with you--
I need to get in touch with the real you
I'm very disappointed in you
I told you not to run off from me baby
There's nowhere for you to go
There's no one else you need
you knew that
Now I have to get up off my knees
because I have some shopping to do
I have to think of my reputation
and chump is not my name
this hurts me more than you
so just think of the good times we had together
Im your best friend baby
I really am, and I always will be, too.

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Composição: Diamanda Galás / John Paul Jones. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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