Feel the breeze throughout the dark.
Hostile silence, cold assault.
Piercing freeze headed for your heart.
Silent screams echo revolt.

Feel the wrath gather up inside.
Live through fury, see through fire.
Be the square one of the deathride.
Your decision, your desire.

Beginning..to unfold.

Now you see.. it is time
To get your dosage of northern hatred.
Primal. revealed. unconcealed.

Now you feel..it inside your mind.
The dosage of northern hatred.
Unleash the force undefined.

Eager to summon the rush, you want
To ride again, to reign again.
Endless need has began to haunt.
Once more, to end all.

Far too late to stop, rewind.
Tightening embrace, around your spine
Unfolding truth lingering your mind.
Till your end, you'll descend

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