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Is Anybody Lovin You These Days

Dierks Bentley

Midnight Stoplight, Happens Everytime
Pretty Girl in a Car
No Resemblance Whatsoever
I Wonder How You Are
Constant Question Poundin' Inmy Brain
Is Anybody Lovin' You These Days
Lonesome Pillow Sun Comes Yellow
I Reach Across the Bed
Should Be Hurried Workin' Worries
I Lie There Instead
With the Thought That's Drivin' Me Insane
Is Anybody Lovin' You These Days

Damn This Small Town Every Place That I Go
I Drive By Your House, I See His Car and I Know
He's There With You, But When He Kisses You
Think About the Memories We Made, and Tell Me
Is Anybody Lovin' You These Days

Second Chances, Backward Glances
Most People Just Say no
World Keeps Turnin', Heart Keeps Yearnin'
I Keep Holdin' the Hope
One Day You Might Answer With My Name
Is Anybody Lovin' You These Days

(Repeat Chorus)

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Composição: Brett Beavers / Dierks Bentley / Steve Bogard. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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