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Back To The Cave

Joe Diffie

The whole thing started at the dawn of man
He was sitting on a rock with a club in his hand
The very first time he laid eyes on her
She was dressed to kill in a saber-tooth fur
The hadn't invented any words to say
But he asked her in a primitive way
Do you want to go back to the cave
Back to the cave make a little fire
A man and a woman and a primal desire
That's the way it is that's the way it was
Before he made the wheel man was making love
A million years later in a Texas bar
A cowboy's listening to steel guitar
When she says hi my name's Irene
She's wearing bright red ropers and tight blue jeans
His eyes light up and his brain goes dim
He tries to be cool but she hears him say
You want to go back to the cave
So you be Wilma and I'll be Fred
We'll throw the cat out the window put the kids to bed
Take a little trip through history
Do what's always come naturally
In the time machine at the end of the hall
We can be a couple of Neanderthals
Do you want to go back to the cave
Don't blame us for the way we behave
The only way we know goes back to the cave
It's been done instinctively
Through pre-history
The road to the future
Leads back to the cave

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