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I don't know what came over me
when I took that book to read
it's about some strange disease
that can strike on you and me

Everything I read, you see
I recognize it all in me
I am the only case in the world
Who's got all disease you've heard,
yeah, yeah

Doctor, doctor
tell me can you save me please
from this very strange disease
that I'm carring around in me

Doctor, doctor
what's the best way to cure me
I'm a bit afraid but still
you'll know what's the best for me

Nurse came to see next who will be
But the only one there was me
Oh, no it's you again
what brings you here today

Tell me what is now wrong with you
I told her: my list is long for two
Then she had enough of me
And told me there is nothing wrong with me

Doctor, doctor
You have to understand me
there is this girl from my school
she broke my heart on two

Doctor, doctor
that's how I got this strange disease
that's why I'm always here
to bring my love to heal

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