This is not love obsession
Is what everyone is saying
'Cause it's full of pain
Inside me I'm truly dying
This is not love obsession

I was in primary school
When I met you
I really fell in love
I didn't let you know
It stirred my heart

I thought you were the only girl
Who should make my life cool
I was wrong about myself
Craving for something I couldn't have

I was 8 and I cant forget
That french kiss at the back doors
That made me blow
Now I'm writing on this song

How long I felt alone
When you gone
I used to stay out of home
To see if you are passing

Near home I see myself overwhelmed
And I got depressed when you dated
Somebody else that should be my place

But you made your choice
I can't loud my voice
That's the way it is not every dream
Is realized as we wish

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