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The Pickle Song

Dinosaur Jr

Holding a pickle
It reads my mind
Entrancing crunching sound
Should I be kind
And spare that pickle
What kind of love will I find

I can't eat alone
If he eats you you'll be gone
What will I do

It's never been this hard
The feeling taunts me now
Just when you means you

Come on pick up the phone
Can't stand to be alone
I chewed you up inside
I hope you know I tried

They all pointed at me
They all know I'm happy
They don't like the good things
(Can't stand to be alone)
Chewing and waving
Come on make a new soung
(I chewed you up inside)
Conscience taunting me now
What's wrong with liking good things
(I hope you know I tried)
Chewing and waving