Everyday, I feel your love slip away
If you don't feel the same, tell me the truth
I hope you never go cause girl you gotta
Believe if you do
That my heart will be lonely for you

Vers 1:
I only care about you and me I don't want you to pretend;
About the feelings you have for me cause I heard it from your friends
saying that you wanna leave say you want for something more ,
But when I try to hold you and squeeze you you're pushing me away

I know what you do and what you say to me I know that you're playing with my love
I know what you do and what you say to me Girl - you - gotta - know that

Vers 2:
All alone and by the phone, girl I'm waiting for your call ;
Telling me you will be late and in the end you never show
Is this the beginning of the way you say goodbye
Girl I wanna hold you and squeeze you and beg you not to go

If you gotta go the you'd best let me know
I'll accept if you need to be free
Oh its all I can say I won't beg you to stay
See this man needs his dignity (ooh baby)

Tell me the truth, don't let the sun go down on me don't lie to me, let me be your destiny
Cause you've got the key, to my heart
We'll never part you can start this love
Once again don't let our love slip away come on girl stay night and day, find out,
Who's right who's wrong, and what's going on my heart is empty when you're gone
You came into my life, you set me free you made it brighter so that I could see,
'Cause you are - my sweetest temptation my only sensation
I won't beg you to stay, I always knew it's cold alone, can you feel it too ?
There's no question, my love is true don't play with my heart,
'Cause I'm lonely for you

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