Dream, dream,dream
somebody dreams with space
Others dreams with see
And me (tchu)
Dream, dream, dream
With one love, to me
Very dreams with guitars
Others want just speed
And me (tchu)
With one love (to me)
Can to be in air
One, two, three, four, yeah
Dream, dream, dream
People want fortune
And others need jacked
Clean, clean, clean
Just simple and sonorous
And me (tchu)
One love (to me)
Same who to be space
One, two, three, four
Dream, dream, dream
Someone to go for Atlantic
And flying a Texas
So much cry for one desire
And together your soul screams
But all a need of
One, two, three, four
Or what! Explosion
For you

(Today, one man to go for space for love)

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