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Little Kandi Raver


Little kandi raver
She's my number one
And everytime I see her movin
She's always havin fun

She's my little kandi raver
See her shake her thing
I love to see her dance
And I love to hear her sing

Kandi boy raver
He's the one for me
And when the music starts to play
He'll be dancin to the beat

He's my kandi boy raver
Movin with the flow
When he holds me tight
Don't wanna let him go

Won't let you go
Don't let me go
Won't let you go
Don't wanna let him go

I've grown up since
I dj now
I play the tunes
Out to the crowd

I see you there
I've grown up too
And now I'm there
To go-go for you

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