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Demons In My Head


"two thousand years ago the greeks held a anual ritual at the.......
In which they drink a sacrate liquid"


Is it time to say goodbye to the demons in my head

Looking at my heart what is is man and what's next.
Questioning again found the lessons that i've learned.
Now my lesson in my head fure is not still past
Is it time to say goodbye to the demons in my head".

"and now on the 21st century, it's time to stand up and realize, that we should not allow ourselves to be crammed into this rat maze. we should not submit to dehumanization. i don't know about you, but i'm concerned with what's happening in this world. i'm concerned with the structure. i'm concerned with the systems of control. those that control my life, and those that seek to control it even more! i want freedom!"

???there is so much about the experience,the ritual,that cannot be expressed???
???we feel,we think that we understood,i think we have fear of another spiritual???
???community and that feeling???

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