Summer days, I can't stand the summer days
Frozen cocktails and night fireworks
what's so great about them anyway?
Summer day, let it be some other day
Seaside motels and sex on the beach
don't be thinking I went all the way *
I hate summer days

Rushing down the traffic, to the beach,
that's jammed for blocks and blocks
They ain't getting nowhere,
still miles and miles left to go
Strutting down the street, the girls,
they try to impress their boyfriend to be
I give up and don't try
Every day is a bad hair day
Guys, they come up with lame pick-up lines,
desperate to just get laid
Damn, give me a freaking break!

* ~ * repeat
Goddamn summer days

Kate was the one, who said that life was made to be enjoyed
Stop crinkling your face
Everything will turn out okay
Serving table to table, up and down the isle
had on a face I'd never seen
Whatever happened to her?
Who has stolen your smiles away?
Who said that summer can brighten the mood of fate?
Nothing is going to change
Damn, give me a freaking break

* ~ * repeat
Who needs summer days

Summer days, they have never been the same
Once you left and were out of my sight
leaving no trace behind
Summer day, why oh why on a summer day?
You were gone without saying goodbye,
taking it all away
No more summer days

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