Feel like I'm living in hell my girl wants to move back in with death
What she calls happy, what she calls friends
I call bad breath, the last breath, the end
Oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no
She flyin' solo, flyin' solo
She hates my guts today she drinks somthing absolutely takes it away
She smokes and she croaks, croaks and she dies
Refuses to give in to someone elses lie
Thet ain't mine I'm doin' fine walking the thin & narrow red line
I'm flyin' solo, She flyin' solo
Feel like an itchy tattoo when the ink runs through my veins
Familiar to you, stain the blood, stain my life
I'm living with heroin for the second time
Oh no, oh no
I'm flyin' solo, flyin' solo
Like I'm livin'...on a rock

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