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How I Miss Your Smile


Thinking about the days spent with you
All the things that we used to do
Memories of simple things revolve around you
Visions in my mind keep coming through
I wasn't you and I've known for a while

How I Miss Your Smile

Funny how this all came to be
Miscommunication it seems
Looking back I realize the truth
I wish that I had listened to you

It's the simple things that change in our lives
Maybe someday I'll get it right

How I miss your smile

This foolish heart is broken there's no cure
And this loneliness is all that I have
We can't take it back the words that we said
Without regrets

Baby I admit that I lied
No excuse for making you cry
I keep staring at your picture every day
Please forgive me is all I have to say
How I miss your smile

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