You check out on everything that I say and do
You check out every lover that I knew
Did you think my life began with you?
Wontcha give a girl a break?

You believe in rumours you hear of me
You got a wild imagination and it's running free
And you're making my life a misery
Wontcha give a girl a break?
(Give a girl a break)

Dont you know it's not cool to haunt me?
All I wanted was your ams around me
But I know I'm wishing that you'd never found me
I'll make it easy on your mind
Because I'm leaving you behind

I believe that living well is the best revenge
And I've learned to say adieu when a romance ends
'Cause I've learned to judge a man by the love he spends
Wontcha give a girl a break?

Wont you give a girl a break
And pardon by mistake
For wasting all your time
But here's the bottom line
I'm leaving on the five-o-two
And so long - bye bye to you!

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Composição: Peter vanAsten / Richard DeBois. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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