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Double Standards

Don Toliver

It's so hard to be human
It's so hard to just live and learn with all of your mistakes
It's double standards on all this
It's got you movin' with caution

Last one has you, they start talkin', sayin' you out way too often
There's some friends that got some history of bottle hoppin'
Look at me and you're so flawless
You're like twenty girls in Austin
It's like three or four a week (yeah)
I'm roundin' up at least a hundred

No one changes ovеr night
They were lonеly years and were hard to find
Fairy tales don't come overnight
Gotta work for it, work for it
I see, yeah, see you baby, I do

They only see you (only see you)
For what you worth (what you worth)
That's not what I see when you in my face, yeah
That's not what I see when you at my place, yeah
That's not what I see, girl, you know, you

Is it so hard to do what you came to do? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Donny's got a hold on you
And I know you'd rather lie here than tell the truth (yeah)
But I guess they out there talkin'
'Bout some bitches I don't know about

I'm pressed 'bout you
Better pull up with that room key
I'm pressed 'bout you
They really into no small talk
I really out of your ballpark, oh yeah, oh yeah

You think it's way too easy
You'll never believe me
Life come back in full circle (yeah)
Unlike whatever it is, I don't really need it
That right there, just might hurt you

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