Whirl of images,
Thoughts... faces going away,
Leaving to me this vile, overwhelming void
This black hole in the heart.

Embarassing anxiety
That suffocate and blind the sight,
Silly melancholy that create time...
Every day passing by another wrinkle on my face;
Another wound in my soul,
Never going to heal...

Leave me in the dark corner,
Leave me with my fear of loneliness
With ths sense of boredom
That only death can break!

The misgiving of the dirties of the truths
Is impressed on every neb's face.
The misgiving of the dirties of the world
Is impressed in the heart of the people... in the heart of the people!

That's enough
With this daily swarm,
This daily swarm,
This chase of emotions...
Feelings, passions that are going to end
In blackest void, in deadly grey of every day,
And feelings as antiques,
Full of dust,
Shelved in a box,
In the cellar of the soul...
And you as well...
Only a dull... faded... fucking thousands... fucking thoughts...

Vanitas: princess of the all things!
Vanitas: princess of the world!

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