Ripkile Evanderlou

Doğu Bosphorus

exibições 107

Underneath the chalk eraser
We can find the mutilator
Underneath the carpet sweeper
We can find the Oscillator
Channeling the residue
No one knows what to do
Channeling a guy named Lou
No one has any shampoo
Sitting up on number 9 cloud
Belittled blue sky shroud
Sitting thinking this is too loud
Belittled by what you've vowed
Stunning views of the wasteland
Fearing for what was in your hand
Stunning views of eyes in the sand
Fearing for what is now bland
Fluid fills all of the boundary
Nothing left of the foundry
Fluid fills your adversary
Nothing left of Frankenberry
Ripkile Evanderlou
Frankenberry left her shoe