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Four Graves


I answered to all their stupid questions
i wish that i could turn to dust
you know that i'm just the kind
that never ever calls back
i'm the one that'l stay forever.

Sorry , I didn't show up gentlemen
i was in the phone with my friend death
i just wanna be found
very close to their house
i stole the key and i feel realy proud
i will stay forever.

Monday's become my fave day
i should do my hair
i will reign again
i'll be crowned to be the great queen of shame
i should iron my dress
and make up my face
i will stay forever.
---End Chorus

I laid on the floor
'till they're gone
then moved back
and took your bones
i love you even more
ineed a new place for your soul.


I pissed on their graves
and i bet it still smells.

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