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Johnny B

Down Low

Check it out
It's eleven-thirty my hand is getting dirty
Snatchin' up things that probably can't be waitin'
Now this is a vision of a violent life
Livin' by a guard and totem of the night
I'm slammin' doors 2-4-5 'n pullin' the keys
Now these are the traged valuable luxuries to me
In the early dawn before you yawn
I've been there swiped you and then I'm gone
Now it's six-o-clock my heart tic-tacs
A black sadden bag full of bad ass rocks
My identity has to be exposed
Stealing from the spot that I chooly chosed
I lose and enfuse my choice to chose
Now I'm sick and I'm fallin' deeper in the mess
There's no hope for me see
My path has been chosen I'm Johnny B

Johnny B how much there is to see
Just open your eyes and listen to me
Straight ahead a green light turns to red
Ooh why can't you see ooh Johnny B


The situation's tight
You are billin' by the night
Can't choose between the wrongs and the rights
I'm searchin' for the clues yo-what am I gotta do
I got the habit to take valuable things from you
Here I stand and I'm physically trapped by my tent
Drifting northern breeze triumphal is this adman
A lonely path when I stand alone
A round mothern flexion bendin' by my own
Here I lay down into certain deaths
Two spirits calls grabs my very last breath
Sometimes I wish reveseness in my path
A simple guest or a simple laugh
But I'm evil dirty and mean
Two pounds blood pasts through my bloodstream
Frightened huh you should be
Who am I I'm Johnny B


Here we go here we go now check the flow
Here we go Johnny B is in control

It's a sleepless night he's callin' your name
It's a lonely ride I know how you saw him
Again and again he's dressin' his dreams
Yeah Johnny my friend it's not what it seems


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