The Marriage Of Attaris


(You cannot hide from a grace already perceived
That’s a fierce grace indeed!
And you cannot hide a tree that is growing
Valiantly stretching for the stars
Angles weep as they count your scars)

These rivers of blood
Fields scorched to ash
Lament of life; a love song
We all share our sorrows
In light suspended
Smiling at the ever dying sun

Flakes of snow are melting
On the top of your eyes
Shedding heaven’s tears
The tracks we left
Almost buried now

This is a beautiful place!
Here Cassiel wedded winter
So man could grieve
So man could see
These trees are dark and old
In solitude unified
Licking the ground, tasting the rough
Cold wind, so man could breath

(There’s no masquerade in your silence
Just pages filled of winter
The seed of ascendance are hiding
Let’s drench the hours!)

These wastelands of dusk
Oceans bled and barren
Lament of life; a love-song
The only death awoken
A fear of transcendence
Keeps us from the rapture of one

And the blood of the sphere
It emptied their mouths
Drowning the world

Hammer me down as pillars!
Veiled from creation unchanging
Patching the holes and the cracks
Tightening the rope around your necks
And we see mankind aimlessly breeding
Desperately bleeding
Erasing you, erasing me from here

So tired, so tired
I need to feel the freezing blue
Leave me here!
Let the coming of spring
Carry me back to earth
Leave me here!

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