Foto do artista Dragon Ball

Teachings of Muten-Roushi (Muten-Roushi no Oshie; English Translation)

Dragon Ball

Over the wide sea gliding away
Sitting on a turtle gliding smoothly
Carrying a heavy tortoiseshell

Going past the mountains
Going past the seas
And has lived all of ten thousand years
A strange old man has come
I am the rumored Kame-Sennin
Muten-Roushi of the land
Kamehame-Ha The hidden mystery
Kamehame-Ha I shall not yet impart
If you want to become stronger than me
A girl's panties A girl's panties
Bring them to me Ho-ho-ho-ho-

If you want to look up to me as your teacher
An innocent girl An innocent girl
Call her here for me Ka-ka-ka-ka-

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