Of Adam's first wife, Lilith, here is told
The rose and poppy were her flowers
Her enchanted hair was the first gold

Demonised by Adam's wicked wife
He was longing for my body

Witch beloved before the gift of Eve
Witch beloved
Her white feet bound to be muddy

Hypnotised, you sentence us to grieve
It's your mind not a reflection

Golden hair, weave of deceiving life
Golden hair
Just a sign of my perfection

My blood boils, yet all the flesh is cold
My blood boils
Ancient art of divination

Lost, confused, driven and crazy too
Lost, confused
I'm the seed of uncreation

Stolen soul, my will belongs to you
Stolen soul
I stole your heart and I'm still soulless

Now I am completely in your hold
Now I am
You are mine and i am your goddess

Grieving in our fears
A heart so full of sore
Giving us your tears
And asking us for more

I sacrifice my will to solitude
I implore my inners demons
Falsify my words for gratitude
Endless path for flawless sinners

I deny my faith and every truth
Burdens of a pain-religion
I close my eyes and burn the holy wood
My whole life in your dominion

Satan Woman God

You have no choice
Just hear my voice

Do what thou feel
My body is real
Take it...


Lo! You put your spell through him, oh such an unholy snare!
You left his straight neck bent
And round his heart one strangling golden hair

Satan Woman Blood

Now the world has no secret
Now you know every secret

Universe lives in women's blood and soul
In their womb there is

Future, present, past and every truth
Future, present

Blended in your heart and in your veins
Sorrow, melancholy, joy and pain

Future, present, past and every truth
Future, present

Blended in your eyes and in your soul
Planets, stars and lovers with their glow

Blended in your womb and in your blood
Satan, beauty, pleasure, holy god

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