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Sweet Dream

Dreams Come True

We lay like lovers in a warm embrace
Your kisses thrill me like no-one before
Baby, I'm all yours
Livin' just for you

I can see the moonlight shining through the mist
The moonbeams playing over you and me
I see the light of love
Shining in your eyes

* I'm holding you in my arms
Loving you beneath the stars
I don't want the night to steal you away

** Hold me close, I want you so
Don't you know that, baby
Your love has touched my very soul
Can you feel it baby
Never let me go-darlin'
'Cos we're so in love
And we can dream on-
Sweet dream.

Your shadow captured in the silent night
I feel your breath-it whispers like a breeze
Baby, please be mine
Till the end of time

* repeat

** repeat

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