Komodia Part IV - The Ending

Dreams of Sanity

Walking through the unknown woods
The angels fell asleep (that night)
But my steps were firm and strong
(As they were) in the light of day.

I held my eyes straight in the dark
To scare the beasts that cross my way
There'll never be a widing road
That stops my quest and ends my prayers.

[Ref.:] I know until the judgement day
When all the seas gone dry
There will never be another one
Who's lonelier than I.

I saw (the) inferno and (the) paradise
I saw the beast and heard its lies
I heard the sirens sing their songs
I still don't know my way.

I wandered as I always did
A sphere of darkness followed me
As I saw a clearing light
That marked the end of all (my journeys).


And as I entered the place of light
A bird appeared before my eyes
And it twittered brightly into my ear
"Your aim is death, your grave stands here!"

So I lie down in the grass
Relax my arms my feet my heart
The burdens of my quest are gone
Now I know where I belong!
Now I know my way!

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