There's a girl
In a house
On a hill
Neat the bottom of the block
Is she there, sitting still
Does she think about him
Where he may be
He's on the other side of town
Well he cant meet her
Theres a boy
In a flat near the shore
At the bottom of the hill
Is he there spitting bored
Does he think about her
Where his maiden may be
She's on the other side of down
Where he'd last seen her
You can bet
She's feeling fine
She feels just fine
Another he says shes says fight
It's been real nice
If you want it ill write
Another love song
Did you need it to say
That her one true loves gone
Cause you want it alright
There is this one song
I've been at it all night
It wont take too long
If you want it ill write it
You want it ill write it for you
There's a girl and a boy
Holding hands
From the bottom of their hearts
Now hey now
Understand if they dont think about it
Where their days have been
On the other side of now
Cause they've both been there

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Composição: Dressy Bessy / Tammy Ealom. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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