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Verse 1
Hello baby
how was your day at work
I bet you're tired
so just sit down
and take a load off for awhile
here's a little back rub
tell me when it gets to be too much
by the way supper's almost done

Oh and I know you're probably thinking
that I've done something wrong
'cause it's been so long
since I've done anything for you like this baby
it's just that I've finally had a day off
to get caught up with the one that I love

I'll do anything you want
do anything you ask
to try to make things easier
you're wish is my command
I'll do anything you want
whatever you desire
and I know it may seem odd
but if you ask me why
I'll tell you why
no particular reason hey
'cause I just felt like doin' somethin' nice for you today

verse 2
let's go upstairs
let me show you what's next
I hope you like it
it's a bubble bath and some wine by candlelight
I'll sponge you down with kisses
then we can do the business
if you want
the night's still young baby baby

you've got my undivided attention
there will be no interruptions
I've unplugged the phone
the nights all yours
I've been so busy and
perhaps it's my fault
but now that I have got some time off
I'll do anything you want

repeat hook

There's no woman in this world
who can do all the things you do for me
I can never measure up to you girl
but please believe
that I'll try harder to make things easier
to prove I'm worth your time and
make sure I keep you mine oh...

repeat hook 2x

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