Another star died, made the headlines
Saw the story, on the TV
What a shame but I have to say
That I think you've lost your way
You can't fix it so you forget
Turn the channel to ignore it
What about the broken tears for the ones who paved the way.

First win and last one out
Live for something
Never surrender and never back down
Die for nothing
Give blood and take life
Never give in and never give up
Live for something
Die for nothing.

I'm the only you can turn to
And the only one you would stand true,
You'll never learn so you're gonna burn
for the stones that you threw
'cause the.. this is my life now
Hard trial this is my life now,
Think twice when you open your mouth.

Live for something
Die for nothing.

What will you do when it's your time to bleed?
Bet you change your tune in a heartbeat
Got a debt to pay you can't skip turns
We're gonna die 'cause we never gonna learn.

Live for something
Die for nothing.

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