If I crack up and lose my head
try to hide beneath the bed
and leave the television on
so I don't think of what's gone wrong ...

I beg of the dawn

Break through, save me,
rescue me, wake me from the dead
my weary head in your embrace

If I spin out and off the rails
build myself a bed of nails
then take the whole world down with me
to my dimestore tragedy ...

Where will you be?

Break through, heal me
sing to me, kneel beside my bed
my weary head in your embrace

Wake up, sunrise
I may be alone but I'm alive
(and) I will find a way to you

Sunrise, save me this time
you never even had to try
you opened up my eyes

Sunrise, treat me so kind
I was lost ... I was blind
(and) you opened up my eyes

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