So soon,
just after you've gone
my senses sharpen
But it always takes
so damned long
before I feel how much
my eyes have darkened

Fear hangs a plane of gunsmoke
drifting in our room
so easy to disturb
with a thought
with a whisper...
with a careless memory

On the table
signs of love lie scattered...
and the walls break
with a crashing within
It's not as though--
as though you really mattered
But being close,
how could I let you go
without some feeling
some precious sympathy following


I walk out into the sun
I try to find a new day
but the whole place
it just screams in my eyes
where are you now?
cuz I don't want to meet you
I think I'd die--
I think I'd laugh at you--
I think I'd cry--
What am I supposed to do,
follow you?

Outside the thoughts
come flooding back now...
I just try to forget you...
So easy to disturb
with a thought...
with a whisper...
with a careless memory...

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