Woke up in the A.M., toasted out of my cranium
Gotta take a shit, took a dump in the Mediterranean
Flushed the toilet, hit the shower
Snatched a fit up out the clos'
Miles of a '96 broom handle
Hangin half-way out my drawers
You niggas better feel me I got patrons to serve
Nigga got to starts pay props will deserve
Fuck my trunk against my medley
An' ya might do dirt, fuck you on my way to see Miss Chiminey
Cause since Chiminey is a good friend of me
She likes to go ah, downtown
She likes it when I, pound pound
Here's a whoppin' bitch
Call me uh-Bah uh-Barney Rubble stick the beast down, so duck
Had the pussy poppin bubbles
Scratchin the paint off up of the walls
Pickin off in them drawers, rebel without a pause
She could feel a gnat sting, swimmin' in Niagara Falls
Now no matter extra meal, managin the place
All up in the motherfuckin' tall can face
Streets make you broke, Forty Water ain't no joke
Make way, say hey, check my display
Buck the shit til your tape busts (Buck the shit til ya tape busts)
And youse a bitch if you ain't got no clit
(And youse a bitch if you ain't got no clit)

40 took a forty to the fuckin dome
And now they got me spittin on the microphone...
40 took a forty to the fuckin dome
And now they got me spittin on the microphone, beeitch!
Drunker than a motherfucker spittin that shit

High rank, nigga poor
Scratch scratch taller than Manute Bol
Cash rules everything around me
40 why they why they get the money
Oh tell me baby gon' be no catchin', bet ya catch before 40 7-11
ah big Danz said a step man, can't win (uh)
1-Luv to my niggaz in the Youth yo
Gettin' swoll, bulkin

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