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A Little Tenderness

Sheena Easton

You know the way I feel about ya, I don't wanna spend my life without ya
So isn't it time for you to show me, I bet that you wanna get to know me now

You're never gonna make a Romeo, I don't want you to be
You could find a way to let me know, I wanna know you care about me

Try a little tenderness, has it ever crossed your mind?
Try a little tenderness, I think you'll be surprised with what you'll find
Gotta let togetherness prove without a chance you're really mine
Try a little tenderness sometimes

All of your moves were made to get me, you got no further since you met me
You still won't treat me like I want you to
Every night's like a one-night-stand with you

It it really worth the waitin'? Well I still don't know
If you think of dedication, here's a record on the radio show


Every time I see you smilin', there could be a silver lining
Don't let this chance be wasted, make me feel appreciated
Show you're thinkin' of me all the time


Try a little tenderness, try a little tenderness
Try a little tenderness sometimes

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