Savoir Faire (He's Got)

Sheena Easton

He breaks the records and hearts without a thought
He breaks engagements and rules and don't get caught
He breaks the hearts of cool ladies with the warmth of his smile

He makes advances and dances very well
He takes his chances and liberties as well
He takes advice on exception, with a selfish short style

(He's got) Savoir faire, oh yeah, you can feel it in the air
Savoir faire, savoir faire

Complete attention is what he's seekin' least
No apprehension, he's never on an ease
You feel the tension around him, he's tense on a mile


Like doctor Jackyl he looks so refined
But there's a devil lookin' in his mind
He can turn the charm up, make you think that you're the one
Then he'll be gone in the morning


chorus - yeah

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