Foto do artista Eat A Helicopter

Shot In The Hand With a Nail Gun

Eat A Helicopter

Something lingers in the back of my mind
The sounds of death in the most horrible fashion
Clinging to my shirt as if it would keep her with me
This is not how i thought it would end

Her eyes stared out into a world they could not see
Even with two bodies it's only me

Death soon followed!
I did what i could to keep her mine!

You were so beautiful, you were so divine!

I will keep your heart forever close
My own physical memory
Your skin is my cover from the haunting reality
That i am alone!

You will be buried amongst the thousands of other he claimed to have loved
Their rotting carcasses will keep you company for all of time

Without death, life would mean nothing!

The stench is overwhelming
It's a constant reminder that you saved me in death

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