We're Not Alone


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Ooh, this don't feel right
In fact, it feels like things are escalating
Just last night
I heard talks of a new beginning

And this is getting out of hand
And I'm sure you understand
That we can't stay

Tonight we'll dream to a better cause
Stand straight for the crooked ones
We'll set out and see how far we'll go
And we'll live life in a different light
Steadfast through the darkest night
Keep our heads up and eyes fixed on the road
We're not alone, we're not alone
We're not alone, we're not alone

Since we've been gone
It's getting harder for us to remember
Where we're from
'Cause since we left things are moving faster

And now we're closer to the sky
When we see the sun rise
We'll be on our way

Oh, keep it up
It's only getting better
Oh, carry on
And just remember to

Oh, keep your head up now
And lift your feet off the ground