The process of creation extends itself in the infinity.
From maximum density of immutable vibrations.
The absolute is nothingness.
incommensurable compared to the zero

Essence-spirit, unshakeable of the will's common father,
Birth of the first invariable light without density,
Alpha and Omega in all being...¡divine light!
Invisible matter before our receptive apparatus.

In the sense of expansion it follows the course of
the ray of creation:
Protocosmos-From atom number one
To the moon (darkness, cry and crumble of the teeth)
Interrelation before the dominant notes is the miracle,
Tritocosmos-Life!...Impotent!...The world agonizes!

Separated by forty and eight mechanic laws...
It's time of comprehension of the real life
Doom succumb in this teaching of misfortune,
The development of the conscience is the escape from this prision!

Ray of Creation...
System of astral knowledge:
Between the magic and the reality...Reality!
Symbolized in Eneagram...

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