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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the Freakshow

The world around is killing me
No thunder wind and rain
Eel are crawling everywhere
Compounding with the game

Grind the army, the living dead,
Without destination
The faceless crowd is out to kill
All kinds of variations

You're trying to trample down my dreams
A shot in the dark

Mysteria - the spirit arising
Eldritch cries from the hill
Mysteria - fires are blazing
Their wicked feast is shattering the still oh

Seven days and nights a week
Spinning like a wheel
You try to buckle, bend and break
And polish stainless steel

Raging fury in the sky
Burning with desire
Self-determination rising from the fire

You're trying to trample down my dreams
My disdained ideals
Beware of the difference
You've savage and mean

Evil is the dreamer to pit himself
Against the forces of the tide
You pay the seer to portray
What you wanna hear
What he has seen that night
Oh - unholy is the feast
Watch and dance
Around the blazing hellfire
And Lucifer arises
He appears at my desire

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