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If You Want It

Edna's Goldfish

You can get it, If you really want to get it
You can try, But if you don't want to try
Then you can lie to me about where you got it from

You can steal it, if you really want it just take it
You can put it in your pocket and run

Run Run away

You made this mess and to this you must confess
That you're the one who got us into this mess
Well you can steal it, if your really want it take it
Fucking put it in your pocket and run...

But if you get caught, it's not my fault
You can lie to me but I can see right through that disguise
And into your eyes

You've got a lame excuse
It's really no use
To try and hide the truth from me for too long anyway

You make a mess a thousand lies and when you gonna realize
That somebody will recognize all your tricks and all your lies

You wanna make it
You wanna take it
Just put it in your pocket and run run run away...

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