internal, transcendental stigmata the power of purity
more beautiful that whiteness
are you a part of me, like I'm yours?
all the thoughts have followed the choirs
this singing among the lions
we are dressed with whiteness
death comes like night after day
like winter after summer
its nakedness is dreadful

find this purity in yourself
and you'll be adamant
like the autumn wind
knocking all the leaves

internal dimensions of whiteness
are shreding darkness
forces are fighting, energies are pulsing
prophecies or limits of madness?
wounds begin to heal
tears stinging, burning

we are the shields of Gabriel
not the vermin on which he treads
an old man on the cross of life
newly born on the bed of death
exordium exodus
sorrow and happiness in the deepest suffering
in the rejection
I can feel I am the contradiction
of the nothingness' hierarchy
I'm still aiming at timeless
absolute spirituality

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