Girl we been going down for a while now
I think it's time we give it up
You know I ain't playin', I ain't never playin' games
Unlike someone I know

Thought you'd be down for a while, yeah
Thought that maybe I was gonna wife you up
But girl you really messed it up
Drained me out of all my love

You take your new friends
Go cheat me on weekends
And I'll stay awake
Wondering what did I do?
What did I do?

I always came through for you
Always was down for you
Loyal for what? Cause you gave it up
Lost all my trust for some empty lust

If you wanna go, just go
If you wanna leave, just leave
Now I won't be losing no sleep
Cause I won't have to worry bout a cheat

Girl you been messing round for a while
Yeah I thought that we had was real love
Now our love so empty like my bottle
Drink it down fast until you got me laying up

Face up
Water rising baby now it's waist up
Laced up, like his yeezy's
Messing with that fake stuff
Why you shop around when you got everything you need?
Own the whole mall, you can get everything for free

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