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Land of No Body


We just leave the earths ground
On the way to see the new star
We forget the past time
Released from our imperfection
Molecular illusion
Going until confuse our minds
Born in a world of conflicts
We don't recognize ourselves
Then in the dying sun here
We saw the sight
We saw the birth of a planet
We saw a world without sorrows
Without the eager
Far as of mind of money
We walking throught the land
Unrecognized we're back to the earth again
Creatures come from nowhere
And find somewhere our place
We want freedom
We want freedom for the world
Power to the people
And the righteous in the land
That's why we now in turn fight for them
We saw our world
Where life is around
We saw the people there
Living in the past
But they are happy
And then laughing
They feel like they're mice now
When they build the sky above
There's a lot of happiness
Walls of conflict going smash
I found the end of the dream
Listen here crashing down my mind
There reality is gray
With no hope and fame
I start a journey to inside waking my first term
I just returned to my dream where I'm coming from

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