Pull the string
And i'll wink at you
I'm your puppet
I'll do funny things
If you want me to
I'm your puppet

I'll be yours
To have
And to hold
You've got
Full control
Of your puppet

Pull another string
And i'll kiss
Your lips
I'm your puppet
Snap your finger
And i'll turn you
Some flips
I'm your puppet

Your every wish
Is my command
All you gotta do
Is wiggle
Your little hand

I'm your puppet
I'm your puppet
I'm just a toy
Just a funny boy
That makes
You laugh
When you're blue
I'll be wonderful

Do just
What i'm told
I'll do
Anything for you
I'm your puppet
I'm your puppet
Pull them
Little strings
And i'll sing you
A song
I'm your puppet

Make me do right
Or make me do wrong
I'm your puppet
Treat me good
And i'll do anything
I'm just a puppet
An you hold my string
I'm your puppet

Yeah, i'm your puppet
Walking, talking
Living, loving puppet
I'm hanging
On a string girl
I'll do anything now

I'm a walking, talking
Living, loving puppet
And i love you
I'm a smiling
Happy face
When you want me to
Even make you happy
When you're
Feeling blue

Camon baybe
Camon baybe
Don't you know
I'm your puppet

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Composição: Dan Penn / Spooner Oldham · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Traduzida por Maurício, Legendado por rafael
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