Come with me
I'll take you anywhere
We'll feel our way to
The top of the stairs
And say hey, oh yes today
Shake your hands
Through the chains above
Let them fight,
We'll catch a dove and
Say whatever you say

I don't mind if you dream out loud
Fix your hair a fallout cloud,
Hey I don't mind whatever
You're going through
If it we up to me
I would leave it up to you

Train the searchlights
On some other lives
Forget these kids,
Forget these wives, 'cause
Hey who could catch us anyway?

When the moon buries
A sun in the dead sea
It's the cemetery of the century, but
Hey it was a starry day
When it gets dark
On the count of night
Find your way with a butcher knife, but
Hey just be careful out there,
Watch who you run into
If it were up to me,
I would leave it all up to you

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