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In Shallow Seas We Sail


I’ve got eyes in the back of my head and I see where you’re going with this.
I’m not surprised.
You take me for a fool and maybe you’re right.
If I was wiser I would not have let myself come here tonight.

You sold yourself, you’ll never learn and here I am watching the (summer fading) summer we shared fade away with the winter.
Your hands were warm on my face, now they’re cold and pushing away (slowly away) they are colder than ice and they are slowly pushing me away.

I knew it right from the start. I’ve got this big, big hole in my heart.
I wanted to put you in, but for some reason you just wouldn’t fit.

Lust can give a man so many regrets.
Just this once is what we tell ourselves.

Ships don’t sink if they have wind in their sails, but if the wind fails, is there hope for me?
I thought your love was as safe as the promise you made.
(I guess your love was only as safe as the promise you made)

(Now I am drowning in your shallow sea, I swear, you are the waves that toss me away. How can I float above the water that fills my lungs, killing me softly without a word.)
You are the storm, the wind and the waves that break me in two and toss me away.
I fell apart when I fell for you.
You are the water filling my lungs, killing me softly without a word.