You're always fuzznfightin,
Like I am up to something really bad.
Well, boy, you're mistaken,
So I am a party girl,
I like to dance and keep it going all nite,
But rules I am not breakin.
No need for the look you're givinme,
If you can't trust, if you can't see,
Then I got news for you.
My love is true,
You're in my heart, in all I do,
My love is true.

Well how about you?
My love is true.
You say your heart is achinand keep on callinme
On every girls night out you're always bugginme.
I'm just a victim for your jealousy.
Well I am not the one you should doubt.
Hurtinis something we can't go round,
But somehow you gotta cool down.
Say good-bye now, bye-bye to that unhappy guy.

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