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This Is Your Life

En Vogue

This is your life
Live it your own way

I lived part of my life
Being scared of my dreams
Everytime someone asks
What I'm shooting for in life
I would hide my true feelings
And when I spoke up to my friends
They made fun of my dreams
So shen times got too rough
I would think back on one thing
My momma would say to me

This is your life
You got to live it your own way

Forces of evil struck back and forth
Throughout my younger days
Because I would listen
And care what other people would say
Like a four letter word
I ignored that whole world
And built my own tiny world with respect
But it took time to relate
What my momma would say time after time again, she said

This is your life
You got to live it your own way(Repeat)

This is your life
You've got to live it your own way

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Composição: Denzil Foster / Thomas McElroy. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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