Hell yes, god bless
we're such a beautiful mess
I want to be a one in a million
Overnight success
I want the world handed to me
On a silver platter
I want to be the only thing
In this world that matters

Sure hell we all smell
But on TV you can't tell
Dumb luck or coincidence
But you're buying what I sell
I offer you the world
Give you everything you need
I'll bless you with patience
And then I give you will
To succeed

I will give you
Everything you need
'Til it bleeds
Hell yeah, I'll be there
Whenever you got
A minute to spare
I'll be all dressed up
Just waiting to take you there
I offer you the world
On a silver platter
I make it look like ice cream
And I swear
It won't make you fatter

Well what the hell
Does it matter
When you got the world
On a silver platter
How could anything else
Possibly matter

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