Things used to be so good,
Made love the best we could.
But at times when I should
Have understood
That we would be what we'd be.
All she'd do was complain.
All I did was insane.
She came out of the rain,
Found out my name.
I took a plane,
Nothing's the same.

Baby doll,
I left her back in blue island.
And through it all,
All she got from me was pain.
Come a day
When we've forgot the time
We spent crying,
I'll be around my baby doll.

Hung out with all my friends,
some weekends never ended.
But again and again
I made her fend
For herself,
Left her unattended.

Repeat Chorus.

Looking back there was so much fun,
Hung out with nearly everyone.
She slept the nights, I never saw the sun,
She cooled down, I let my motor run.
If I could get her back some day,
I'd do things in a different way.
Remember all the things to say,
And baby
I'll remember your birthday.

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